As a technology company that creates a society of self-driving and MaaS, our business consists of three pillars “Process,” “AI and Self-driving,” and “Self-driving Simulator,” and the solution business, centered on the “advanced technology and system development” that supports the pillars.

Process Business Segment

Increase the use of functional safety, security, etc. of self-driving and MaaS among developers in order to incorporate safety, security, and trustworthiness into the development process based on systems engineering, and support the model-based development through vehicle modeling.

AI and Self-driving Business Segment

Promote the vertical integrated development and proof-of-concept of demonstration services using self-driving vehicles based on core technologies such as sensing, recognition, and prediction related to the self-driving system including AI.

HS&HPSS Business Segment

Provide various sensor simulators, simulator services, scenario libraries (CG models), and high-accuracy 3D-CG maps that are used to verify the safety, security, and trustworthiness of self-driving systems.

HS&HPSS:Heterogeneous System & High Performance Sensor Simulator

System Development Business Segment

Promote the research of the applications and standards, and development and demonstration of the next-generation in-vehicle communication, security, and architecture, such as in-vehicle network protocols, virtualization, and service-oriented technologies.