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Near Field Communication System

We have carried out the product development of IEEE802.15.4 compliant wireless communication equipments. This product (SGM-RF001A) is used "Machine to machine (M2M)" service which Shinano E&E Corp. developed.

Compliance with IEEE802.15.4
SGM-RF001A is a 2.4 GHz range wireless communication module for near field communication complying with IEEE802.15.4.
Communication with 500 cordless handsets at one base equipment is possible by complying with IEEE802.15.4. In addition it is possible to save energy by setting consumption current at 40mA or less (standby current: 1.02 µA or less).

Omnidirectional Diversity Antenna
In order to improve communication performance, an omnidirectional diversity antenna (dipole type) was adopted.
Wireless LSI is using ATMEL company products suitable for diversity antenna composition.

Wide operable/capable voltage
Operable voltage range of SGM-RF001A was designed widely at from +5 to 12V.
This module is suitable for the customers considering use with various voltage.

SGM-RF001A 48×48 (mm)
Chassis 58×90×20 (mm)

Correspond to customization
We have prepared the organization which can correspond to system development.
OTSL is available to help customers, such as software development, etc., in conformity with customers' developed business.

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