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Near Field Communication System

 OTSL is engineers group who has the basic technologies supported network with a wireless in modern society.
We are a group of engineers with fundamental technologies that enable wireless networking in our society. We achieve customer satisfaction by catching up with the latest technologies, meeting various needs of customers and responding to changes in the market.

Development and sales of software solutions of Bluetooth, ZigBee, specific low electric power wireless stations, wireless LAN, UWB and software wireless.
We are the member of ZigBee Alliance and the secretariat of ZigBee SIG Japan.
Sales of ZigBee software products
Narrow space location measurement system using near field communication
Near-field-communication-based home server reference design
Sensor network

 OTSL is not just a “commissioned development company”. We are expanding our business to worldwide, while working with our customers together to improve sales and marketing. We create new products and services that you have never seen before.

We apply standardized technologies early on by participating in a consortium.
We use not only Japanese devices, but also devices from overseas.
We strive to reduce the total cost by using offshore services.
We actively make proposals to customers overseas.
We are engaged in offering solutions related to the word “wireless”.

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