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Embedded System

Development Support
 Engineers for embedded systems have to have the knowledge of hardware development, excellent communication skills, and the ability of presentation and management as well as the ability to develop high level of software in order to work on current embedded equipment which is highly advanced and diversified.
 OTSL has great engineers with the required abilities, so that we can provide multiple supports from planning for various embedded systems to development project support.

Commissioned development and sales of embedded systems
 OTSL is commissioned for whole or part of software development of customers’ projects. We also enable our customers to save time for development of software and to improve the quality of software by selling our own software products.

System and driver development of embedded OS
 Various embedded OS is used by customers respectively in embedded equipment development.OTSL has abundant experience in embedded OS used for embedded equipment development, thus we can carry out porting to a custom board and developing various drivers.

Commissioned for quality evaluation of embedded system, and quality
 The quality of software is very important for embedded equipment released in the general market. We would like to support quality evaluation and quality assurance of the software developed by customers. We would also like to work on quality assurance through our consulting service.

Research development
 The progress and innovation of embedded systems are remarkable these days. OTSL has been researching the process model to improve the functions of embedded systems and to efficiently develop embedded systems in different areas, by joining various organizations. That helps us be aware of the direction of technology, as well as understand what kind of development processes or technical abilities are required at the moment and in the future,

Automobile field
•Embedded software for automotive
 Development of next generation embedded communication for automotive (CAN/LIN/FlexRay)
 Embedded software modeling for automotive with UML

•Car navigation system
 Next generation car navigation system
 Three-dimensional drawing user interface
 Customization level of graphics engine

•Various specification development in JASPAR (Japan Automobile Software Platform and Architecture)

Wireless field
•Factory automation
 Information sharing system in the factory

•Location information system
 Location information management system with near field communication

•Near field communicatio software layer
 Bluetooth Hands Free System

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